49084, Ukraine, Dnipro city, Dmitriy Yavornitsky Street, 101 (098) 909-88-08
Dnipro Technological University "STEP"

49084, Ukraine, Dnipro city, Dmitriy Yavornitsky Street, 101

(098) 909-88-08

The educational programs of our university are unique author's methods, which were highly evaluated by the IT-industry, and the teachers are the practitioners of the largest IT-companies in Ukraine. The university trains bachelors and masters in the specialties that are relevant to the IT market. Upon completion of training, students receive a diploma of higher education, and can also receive international certificates from industry leaders - Microsoft, Cisco, Autodesk.

Higher education

Higher education at our university is:

Educational programs that meet the requirements of the IT market
Modern material and technical base and information support
Trainers - practitioners from IT companies, who know the current needs of the market and requirements for specialists
Cooperation with IT companies and practice on real projects
An environment for personal development and student initiatives
The system of quality assurance of the educational process, consistent with international standards

Learning is based on the three indispensable components of an effective education

Relevant programme

The knowledge and skills of our students must meet the requirements of employers today and in the future.

Trainers - practitioners

Our teachers are specialists with experience in leading companies. In the classes students receive only actual knowledge on real practice.

A friendly atmosphere

We have created a special educational environment where teachers and students interact as equals. Our classrooms and laboratories are equipped with comfortable workstations, computer equipment, and licensed software.


During the course of study and upon its completion, the student:

  • Acquires all the necessary knowledge and skills that are in demand within specialty.
  • Builds a competitive portfolio.
  • Integrates into IT industry already during education.
  • Will be able to get a job already in the process of training.
  • Gains skills to work in a team.
  • Gains skills of working on the implementation of full-fledged IT-projects.
  • Gains Soft Skills (flexible personal skills).
  • Will be able to choose the path of future professional development: work in a company or freelance.
  • Will be able to work from any part of the world.
  • Will have enough experience to start own Startup.
  • Receives international certificates from partner companies Microsoft, Cisco, Autodesk.
  • Gets a high-paying profession of the future.

Academia IT STEP

Academia IT STEP

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