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122 Computer science

Educational and professional programme: Computer science
Field of knowledge: 12 Information technology
Speciality: 122 Computer Science
Qualification: Bachelor's degree in computer science
Degree of higher education: Bachelor's degree
Languages of instruction: Ukrainian/English

Study programme "Computer Science"

The main goal of our educational programme is to train specialists capable of solving problems in the field of information technology and computer science related to the development and maintenance of software products, design of information systems, using intellectual technologies, security technologies in the field of computer science, to carry out and ensure intercultural professional interaction of representatives of the scientific and technical community aimed at integrating university education into the European educational and scientific space through international Formation of high adaptability of higher education students in the context of labour market transformation through interaction with employers and other stakeholders.

The detailed content of training and regulations for the organisation of the educational process from the Educational Programme are reflected in the curriculum.

The curriculum

Work-based learning plans

Our educational programme contains an optimal set of core components for the formation of relevant competencies in future IT specialists and a perfect sequence of their mastering. A wide range of general soft skills and specialised elective courses within the programme allows everyone to find their preferences and choose their own path of further development in the IT field.

Curriculum structure

Components of the Educational Programme:


Elective: Professional, General (Soft Skills)

Our educational programmes are constantly reviewed and improved in accordance with the requirements of the modern IT market. Anyone can contribute to the improvement of the Educational Programme by leaving their suggestions.

Feedback and suggestions to the Education Programme

As part of the Computer Science study programme, students can choose from a wide range of elective components and form their educational trajectory with an emphasis according to their preferences:

  1. Software development
  2. Computer graphics and design
  3. Management in IT
  4. Computer game development
  5. Network technologies and cybersecurity

The programme provides for flexible expansion of the set of elective subjects and educational trajectories to respond quickly to the needs of the IT market.