49084, Ukraine, Dnipro city, Voskresenska Street, 17 (098) 909-88-08
Dnipro Technological University "STEP"

49084, Ukraine, Dnipro city, Voskresenska Street, 17

(098) 909-88-08


Dnipro takes a significant place for the number of IT professionals in Ukraine.  Today, over 370 IT companies are operating in the city, employing over 16,000 employees, and this number is constantly increasing. By 2025, the number of IT specialists is expected to double. All this suggests that the IT industry has a great potential, that there is a significant demand for IT specialists, high probability of employment.
Successful functioning of the IT sector has contributed to the development and implementation of various innovative projects. Including in the field of education.
Business activity of companies on the global world market on the one hand, and the critical demand for professionals of various IT qualifications on the other hand, impose requirements for educational projects of flexibility, relevance, mobility, and transparency. Understanding of these requirements and the ability to meet them became the main factors in the process of creating the IT-university "DNIPRO TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY STEP" in Dnipro.



Realizing the importance of high-quality education, both in the context of the individual and in the context of the state development, the university emerged as a result of the evolutionary development of the Computer Academy "STEP". In December 2018 the Academy received a license from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine ( Order № 3073-l dated 21.12.2018), therefore IT STEP ACADEMY becomes a higher education IT-specialty institution.

In July 2019 the admission campaign to higher educational institutions started, and the Dnipro Technological University "STEP" showed the successful statistics.

On September 1, 2019, the first dedication to the students of the University took place.  
Also in September 2019 the students of the Pre-University training program, which was developed specifically for high school students who want to link their futures with the IT sphere, began their studies.

In 2021, the Dnipro Technological University "STEP" has been re-licensed by Order of the Ministry of Education and Science № 2-l of 14.01.2021 with a licensed capacity of 220 places per year.

DTU "STEP" is the authorized center of Microsoft, Cisco, due to which the university students have the opportunity to obtain international certificates from world industry leaders during the training.

Moreover, the university joins the regional IT network Dnipro Community and together with the leading IT professionals creates modern programs, forms the image of IT professionals for IT companies, becomes a co-organizer of important events in the IT industry and social sphere.



An international educational institution that specializes in IT education. The Academy has three key areas of training: software development, networks and cyber security, computer graphics and design. There is also a separate division - the Small Computer Academy for the children from 8 to 15 years old.



Today there are 99 affiliates of the "IT STEP" Computer Academy in 21 countries of the world on 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Eastern and Western America).